Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Billiken!

As a proud member of the Church of Good Luck, I'm happy to announce that today is the birthday of the central deity of C.G.L's practice, Billiken!

If you've never heard of Billiken the God of Things As They Ought To Be, I encourage you to surf on over to the Church of Good Luck a read all about Billiken and the facinating Billiken lore.

I wanted to pass along the birthday message from Rev. Jim who is the founder of the C.G.L.


Dear Friends and Members,
This day marks the 102nd birthday of Billiken, The God of Things as They Ought to Be. Please join us in reflecting on the Good Luck and Happiness that Billiken has brought to millions of people for over one hundred years. By honoring him this day, you are now a part of that unbroken chain of Luck.
It was back in 1908 when He first proclaimed:
"I am the God of Happiness,
I simply make you smile,
I prove that life's worth living
And that everything's worthwhile;
I force the failure to his feet
And make the growler grin,
I am the God of Happiness,
My name is Billiken."
Since then Billiken has granted countless wishes to those who have asked for His help. If you have a wish of your own, take a moment to ask the Billiken today, and then do something in His honor: have a good lunch, raise a toast, or enjoy a piece of cake. And most of all, remember the simple words of advice Billiken gave us over a century ago:
"Grin and Begin to Win"
Best wishes,
Rev. Jim

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