Friday, March 26, 2010

The Mojo Bag - Powerful Spiritual Ally!

Mojo bags are a potent form of folk magic that can be carried on your person in a pocket, bra, purse, briefcase, or anywhere else... bringing the magic with you everywhere you go! They are discreet and extremely effective, which is why they have become such a fabled staple of North American folk practices, and do have parallels in other traditions around the world (think of the medicine bag of the Native peoples, and the charm bag of European traditions).

Mojo bags are usually made of cotton flannel, and then fixed with herbs, roots, and curios which compliment the type of effect that one is trying to manifest. Using time honored methods and prayers, the conjure practitioner then joins the energies of each of the mojo bag ingredients into a powerful whole working towards the goal of the intended wearer. This is akin to taking lone soldiers, and combining their forces to make one formidable army fighting for a unified cause. The mojo is then passed through the smoke of incense, and provided with some whiskey or condition oils to lend it additional strength. In some cases candles may be burned on the mojo to help "heat it up" - putting some gas on its magical fire. In this way the spirit of the mojo bag is born!

Because the mojo bag is considered to literally be alive, it must be fed just like any other living thing in order to keep it working strongly. Mojo bags are fed by dressing them once a week with a few drops of whiskey, or a condition oil that is related to the job the mojo bag is doing. From time to time a mojo owner may intuitive feel that the spirit of the bag requests additional attention - such as passing it through incense again, or providing a different liquid to feed it with. Many mojo owners develop real lasting relationships with their mojo, and it becomes an important partner in their life's work!

Because many people will keep a working mojo with them for years and years on end, maintaining the mojo becomes part of the process of working it over time. Most conjure practitioners suggest having your mojo "refreshed" once a year. When one is carrying a mojo bag in their pocket or in their purse day in and day out, the cotton flannel can easily wear out and soft ingredients like dried herbs can be pulverized into dust. People whose mojo's are becoming a bit raggedy can take them to their maker and have them "refreshed", with the hard ingredients being placed into a new flannel bag, and the herbs being replaced with new ones. The bag is then dressed and smoked and may continue it's work!

Mojo bags are a secret kind of personal empowerment tool, meaning that no one is EVER supposed to see, and certainly must NEVER touch a mojo bag. Many believe that once a mojo bag has been seen (in the case of the Nation Sack mojo which is used to tie a man to you for life), or touched (as is generally the case) that the mojo is effectively killed! Some practitioners may be able to revive a mojo by basically taking the hard ingredients, such as roots or minerals, replacing the herbs, and basically re-building it around the original ingredients. Others simply bury a mojo once it has been found or touched, and will start a new one.

There's much more to know about this simple, but powerful piece of magic then I can get into here. Please feel free to surf on over to Lucky Mojo Curio Company's fantastic page - Mojo Hand and Root Bag - on the history and usage of the mojo bags in North American folk magic.

How do you choose what herbs/roots/curios/etc are best to add to a mojo?

Firstly, having a good working knowledge of the various herbs and such that are used in folk magic is the best place to start. You will have the knowledge of what items are generally used for a specific purpose at the forefront of your mind. But let’s say that you have a short-list of items that all correspond to your goal, but you’re unsure which ones might be better suited to your case than the others. That’s where intuition and divination come in.

Hopefully you were able to use your intuition to create the short-list of items, being able to pick out a handful of items that not only corresponded correctly, but strongly “felt” right to include in the bunch. You can then confirm if they are best by using divination. Depending on what divination method you are most comfortable with and skilled at, how you divine will change. I personally use tarot most often, and will concentrate on an item, visualize its properties in relation to my case, and then draw one card – interpreting the card as the answer. Many practitioners may use a pendulum to get yes/no answers about items. The possibilities are endless. Once you’ve eliminated all the “nos” from your list, then divine once again to determine that the ingredients you’ve got are the entire lot that you will need. If no, then go through the process again until you reach a final conclusion.

Once you have all your ingredients sussed out, you can then start the magic of bringing that mojo to life and working for you (or whoever you may be making it for).

What does it mean that a mojo bag is “alive”?

In conjure everything is believed and experienced as having a spirit. The herbs have a spirit. The curios have a spirit. Conjure is tapping into those spirits and getting them to work for you.

When you create something like a mojo it's like you are creating a new spirit from the combination of the herb/curio spirits. Like a spirit collective with a single purpose - your intent. It's like when you refer to a group of players on the same team by their team name, The Bears, instead of naming them all individually. When they are playing towards the same goal, winning the game, they become The Bears. Get it? So your mojo spirit is your spirit-team for that intent.

If you don't do a good job of getting all the spirits to work towards the same goal, which is what you are doing when you are making and fixing a mojo, then you end up with a flannel bag full of random items. They are not a team. You have to coax them into being a team. The ability to communicate with and work with these spirits is one of the skills that is vital to the conjure doctor.

Of course in modern magic there are plenty of schools of thoughts that reject the animist perspective for something more scientifically or psychologically based. If you are one of these people, you can still work effective conjure (though you will be stepping outside the traditional paradigm by doing so).
If you don't like thinking of them as spirits, you can think of them as holding certain energetic potentials. You need to be able to get all the potentials resonating with one another so that they are vibrating on the same frequency, and becoming a like-attracts-like generator for your intent. Your Will and power of energetic manipulation/direction, as well as ability to strongly visualize (or otherwise crystallize your intent), help create an astral pattern that will be reinforced by the constant feeding/working of the mojo, until that mojo-blueprint manifests.

Anyway you look at it, you end up with a powerful spiritual presence that will need to be maintained in order to keep working strongly. This is done by feeding the mojo. This provides the spirit with energy from which to replenish itself, and draw from to aid it in manifesting your goal. Whiskey is sometimes called the “water of life” and so it is a common fluid used to feed a mojo. Some colognes, such as Hoyt's Cologne, also have a history as a dressing and feeding for mojo bags. Condition oils, which are made from the oils of a combination of herbs and roots which correspond to a particular cause, and which have been prayed over to enliven its spirit, are another very popular method of feeding a mojo bag. This provides the mojo bag spirit with energy that is specifically in resonance with its work, and also adds its own extra layer of influence to the matter, helping to amplify the effect.

How the bag is fed changes depending on the work the bag is created to do, or circumstances which may require additional energy from the mojo. For example, some gambling mojos require the user to urinate on it to quicken its effects while gaming. Learning to listen to what the spirit of your mojo bag might be asking for is a natural process of working one’s mojo bag. If a mojo has been working extra hard, you may find you feel it needs to be fed more often than the prescribed once a week. So keep your mind open to any impressions you may receive from your mojo. I generally feed mine with condition oil, but which oil it wants can change from week to week…and sometimes it wants whiskey. When I intuitive “feel” that a different feeding is appropriate I do that. It all has to do with developing a symbiotic relationship with the spirit of the mojo!

So how do you get the various herb, root, curio, etc spirits to work for your goal?

Different people will work with the spirits different ways - there's no one way to do it. If I sat here and wrote a stereo-manual for how I work with spirits, it could have 0% to do with how YOU would work with spirits. Some may actually be able to see them and interact with them directly in that way, others may sense them in a more abstract way and be able to communicate on a more subtle level. Each person will learn to sense and speak with spirits in a slightly different way that reflects their own individual intuitive gifts.

This is part of where the notion of a person being “gifted for the work” that if often referred to in folk magic comes in. The gift has a lot to do with this natural ability for working and communicating intent to spirits, as well as sensing subtle spiritual energies and being able to manipulate them in one way or another. Just like some are born with a natural aptitude for math or science, while others will struggle with it. Magical ability is no different. These talents can be learned to a certain extent, but there’s no denying that some people are simply born with that talent very strongly represented in their make-up. Others will need to work very hard to acquire even a marginal skill. But the secret is opening exploring what intuitive talents you have, and learning to exploit them to the best of your ability.

One thing that spirit work definitely is not, however, is forcing our will upon the spirits. Many people coming from a more modern magical perspective are very married to the ideas of “programming” and “charging” and “empowering” – a bit of an imperialistic approach, really, stemming from the proliferation of ceremonialist-inspired practices popular today. There is this idea that magical items are useless until the magician comes along and empowers them, or charges them. I wouldn't say that you "charge herbs/roots/etc with intent". We're not enforcing our will upon the plant spirits like they are our slaves or something. In conjure each item is believed to already be divinely powerful in a specific way – otherwise why would you use one object over another? We're helping to tune in all the spirits and their individual innate power to the same work. Part of that is having your intent and your desire very strongly available, but I consider it more of a communication process, then some sort of "programming" or something.

Speaking to the items as if they were individual people is one common way that a conjurer will approach this. They communicate what job they wish the herb/root to do for the specific case the mojo is being prepared for. For instance, cinnamon can be used in love or money work, so when adding the cinnamon to a love mojo bag, the conjurer might say “cinnamon, I want you to take your spicy heat, and make the passion between N and NN grow likewise fiery and delicious – in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, so be it”. This has communicated what specific energy the practitioner wishes that herb to contribute to the work at hand. Other workers may approach it entirely different depending on their personal style of spirit work, and their personal religio-spiritual preferences.

Once all the herbs have been added and their roles in the work communicated clearly, a personal concern from the person for whom it is being created &/or a petition paper onto which the overall intent of the mojo has been written, will be added into the bag. (Hair or fingernails are very common, in love or sex mojos a pubic hair or sexual fluids from the target are ideal - when a bodily concern is not obtainable, photos can work as well.) Again the conjurer will communicate with the mojo, letting the spirits of all the items know the larger plan of action of which they are a part. The personal concern helps the energy of the items target where to lay their effects. At this point, the practitioner will finish the work often breathe into the bag, giving it the “breath of life”, and then tying the bag shut. The finished mojo is then passed through incense smoke, and fed in some manner. The breath, smoking, and feeding are the final key actions that solidify the mojo as a unified working spiritual entity.

I’m sure you can now see why the mojo bag is such a powerful magical tool! It’s fairly simple to construct an incredibly potent item, and the fact that it utilizes nothing more complicated in many cases than easily obtainable herbs and roots makes it accessible to nearly anyone, and customizable for nearly any life situation that one may face.

Custom Mojo Bags Creation services and DIY Mojo Bag Kits from Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery

mojo_rootwork-1.jpg picture by pranadevi

Here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery we're happy to create a custom mojo bag for your specific needs. We offer a standard Custom Mojo service, and a Deluxe Custom Mojo & Triple Fixed Vigil Candle Empowerment services, which you can order through our Etsy Conjure Shop.

We offer these options as stand-alone services for those who wish to obtain a personalized mojo bag, but don't feel the need to have a full magical consultation on their situation. In other words - they know what they want! Of course if you’re not sure what you need, feel free to book a consultation to read your situation, and develop a plan of action that includes a custom mojo bag.

I am happy to make mojos for nearly any positive purpose, but I will *NOT* craft double-cross, sexually or emotionally binding, or aggressively coercive mojos. If you are unsure if I will craft the type of mojo that you are looking for, please contact me directly to inquire.

Our Custom Mojo Bag creation services offer a mojo bag created and fixed specifically for your personal needs by an experienced hoodoo practitioner, using traditional conjure/rootwork techniques. It includes a mini-reading on your situation, and a 3mL bottle of custom blended condition oil to feed the mojo bag.

To determine the best ingredients for your mojo bag, a detailed background of your situation will be requested, and a mini 3 card reading will be performed to see what currents are most strongly at play, and what herbs, roots, and curios would be most appropriate for obtaining your intent.

After the proper ingredients are ascertained for your mojo hand, the hand will be fixed on the appropriate planetary day and hour. A small candle dressed for your intents will be burned on the mojo to help awaken and "heat" it up.

For those that purchase the Deluxe Custom Mojo & Triple Fixed Candle Empowerment service, the mojo is prepared the same as above, however as part of the mojo creation process, three vigil lights will be dressed for the client's specific situation. They do not all need to be dressed the same, and may support various aspects of the work at hand. A petition paper for the intents of the client will be placed underneath each candle.

The mojo is placed within a triangular formation made by the three lights, which is a sacred geometrical shape that encourages manifestation, and the lights set working. Over the course of their burn (which averages about 5 days), prayer will be said for the intents of the clients, and a watch kept for any divinatory signs that the candles may produce. The mojo is bathed in the energy of the three candles for the entire duration of the burn, gathering strength.

At the conclusion of the vigil lights burn, the petition paper will be loaded into the mojo, and the mojo tied shut and fed. It will then be shipped to the client, along with a report of how the candles burned.

All clients wishing to have a custom mojo bag created for them must be able to supply at least some kind of personal concern. They must also commit to feeding the mojo weekly in order to keep it working strongly.

MojoBagKit_Money-1.jpg picture by pranadevi MojoBagKit_Love-1.jpg picture by pranadevi

For the more thrift-minded or independent practitioners, we also have some do-it-yourself Mojo Bag Kits! We have Money-Drawing, Love-Drawing, and Luck-Drawing Kits available through our Etsy Conjure Shop.

I hope this article has helped inspire you to try bringing some mojo into your life! It is certainly a fantastic magical tool to have on your side working for you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cast Off Bedeviling Bad Habits & Behavior Patterns with Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Formula

Every one of can probably think of 3 bad habits or behaviour patterns that we engage in that is detrimental to our lives in one way or another. Whether it’s something like smoking, or drinking too often, or whether it’s allowing ourselves to indulge the company of people who are a negative influence on us in some way. In each of these situations, our deep thoughts are often a big part of the problem. We may have certain perceptions that are not accurate and lead us into destructive behaviours. Habit run deep and can be hard to kick for a variety of reasons.

There are all different ways that we can approach the situation when we decide we want to change. Some will manage to just cold-turkey their way through. Others will need the help of supportive friends and family, especially through the process of cutting ties with people and places that are part of the problem. Getting healthy physically, through mind-body practices such as yoga and tai chi can go a long way to helping our whole Being to follow through on our convictions. Hypnotherapy can also be a huge help in communicating directly with the subconscious where most of the pattern-roots are located, and dealing with the issue head on, and allowing the change to manifest from the inside out. In the cases of addictions of any kind, getting with a good nutritionist or naturopath can also really complement your journey, as you will learn how to nourish your body on all levels, so that it will no longer crave what it harmful to it in an attempt at self-medication.

Taking the bull by the horns and applying magical pressure, along with supporting and reinforcing your efforts on the spiritual level can really increase your chances of making real and lasting changes for the better. Or, you may know someone who is making a good deal of bad choices in their life. Sending the magical means to step clear of the problem, can many times help the person come to the realization that they would be better off without those negative influences in their life.

There are hoodoo condition formulas for just these circumstances! Queen of Pentacles’ Get Thee Behind Me! is one such formula. The scent is invigorating, and crisp, featuring eucalyptus as one of the key aromas in this blend. As with all of our condition products, the Get Thee Behind Me! line is crafted prayerfully every step of the way.

Get Thee Behind Me! is crafted from a blend of pure essential oils that work on several different angles related to breaking free from self-harm in its many forms. Each bottle of spray and oil is authentically fixed with dried organic eucalyptus and/or lemongrass.

The essential oils and herbs in Get Thee Behind Me! work to:

· cleanse you of negativity

· help you cut ties to negative people and influences

· give you the strength to cast off bad habits

· release you from destructive or defeatist negative thought patterns

· bestow the ability to make more wise decisions moving forward

· provide you with a good layer of spiritual protection

Here is a very simple spell that you can perform to help rid yourself of a bad habit using Queen of Pentacles’ Get Thee Behind Me! condition products.

You will need the following supplies:

· Get Thee Behind Me! condition oil

· Get Thee Behind Me! bath crystals

· Get Thee Behind Me! condition spray

· 2 tea light candles

· An empty bottle or travel mug (for collecting and disposing of ritual bathwater)

· Oil diffuser (optional)

You may wish to begin your habit-ridding hoodoo by repeating these baths for 3 days running, or if the habit is more troublesome or long-standing, for 7, 9, or 13 days in a row. This provides you with a very deep cleansing effect that will have more potency for stubborn habits and patterns. After your initial assault, you can then repeat the baths whenever you feel you need extra support, or extra cleansing.

If you are unsure how many days you should bathe for at the outset of the ritual, a divination can provide you with the number that is most right for your individual case. If you cannot read for yourself, you can contact a professional rootworker to read on your behalf. Such services are offered here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery for those who may wish them.

Begin by preparing to take a cleansing bath. Perform this before sunrise.

1. Run the bath, and add the Get Thee Behind Me! Bath Crystals. Pray as you mix the bath salts into the water, communicating your intent for the bath to help free you from your habit.

2. If you wish, you can add a few drops of the Get Thee Behind Me! Oil to the oil diffuser and get it going in the bathroom.

3. Dress the tea lights with Get Thee Behind Me! Oil, while praying that you to be freed of your bad habit forever. Put one on each side of the tub, and light it prayerfully.

4. Disrobe and steel your resolve to be free of your habit/influence. Step through the two lit candles, into the holy space of the bath.

5. As you bathe, imagine all the negativity attached to the habit being washed away. Make sure to bathe yourself in downwards motions – starting up at the head, and stroking downwards. Pray or say any affirmations that you feel resonate with your cause.

6. When you feel you are clean, collect a bit of your bathwater. Put it off to the side and allow the water to drain, knowing that your habit is being washed away.

7. Step back through the candles, feeling yourself uplifted and your resolve strengthened.

8. Allow yourself to air dry!

9. You may wish to anoint your self with the Get Thee Behind Me! Oil (with new oils, always do a patch test to check for any unexpected skin irritations or allergies). A little on the soles of your feet, and your pulse points or other power points you intuitively feel could use being covered with the oil.

10. When you are dry, dress in clean clothes, and take the cup of your dirty bathwater to the nearest crossroads. Throw the water over your left shoulder towards the West. Know that all the past negativity will be scattered to the winds and carried far, far away from you!

11. Walk home without looking back.

12. Take the 4oz bottle of Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Spray with you in your purse, briefcase, backpack, your car, etc. Whenever you feel tempted to indulge in your habit, or in any way feel weak or find yourself thinking about the habit, say a prayer asking for strength and spray the Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Spray all around your body. This will help cleanse your energy of the temptation and help disrupt and still the thought-patterns that accompany the action. It will also provide you with wisdom, strength, and protection to help keep you moving forward in a positive manner.

This is just one basic way in which Get Thee Behind Me! may be employed to great effect. There are many more conjures that can be concocted to meet your individual needs and circumstances, so feel free to be creative.

The Get Thee Behind Me! Oil can be used to dress candles burned for extra support, to feed mojo bags crafted to help you leave behind the unhealthy habits and people, to anoint doll babies prepared for a loved one that needs magical aid in getting free of negativity, it can be used to dress related herb blends in order to increase its overall potency, and more.

The Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Spray can be used on yourself, in a room or space that normally holds challenges for you, or over a working altar where you are performing “cast off” conjure for you or a loved on. It also can be used to feed mojo bags.

The Get Thee Behind Me! Bath Salts can be used for creating ritual baths, added to the rinse cycle of the laundry in order to cleanse and dress clothes with its spiritual properties, or added to mop-water or other cleansing fluid and used to clean and wipe down your home or work area bringing the magical effect of the formula to many different areas of your life.

If you need some help formulating a game-plan to meet your specific situation, or would feel best having such work performed by someone else on your behalf, you may always seek a consultation with a spiritual practitioner, such as the ones we offer here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hallucinatory Hypnagogic Sleep Phenomenon

Hypnogogic (when falling asleep) and hypnopompic (upon awakening from sleep) hallucinations are another sleep phenomenon that I've experienced very frequently throughout my life. These are defined as a variety of sensory experiences that are had in the liminal states of consciousness that occur when transitioning into or out of sleep. They are classified as hallucinations due to the fact that is no objectively "real" source of these experiences, as they are believed to arise from the mind itself.

They are often linked by science to various sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, or at least to times when over-exhaustion or stress is altering our sleep patterns. In my web-searches on the topic I've seen it said more than once that if one is experiencing these types of things outside of any evidence of a sleep disorder that it is very likely that they are experiencing psychotic episodes and should be medicated accordingly. (Personally, I think that's one of the most ridiculous statements out there from an institution that would love to pathologize every state of consciousness outside of slack-jawed docility. )

I've found all sorts of interesting things that people have seen and heard while in these states - bugs or other creepy-crawlies coming out the walls seems popular, as does humanoid figures of one variety or another. Auditory hallucinations are also common accompaniments to these events, and some also experience tactile ones as well. My own tend towards faces, and an occasional distant and fading figure, many times accompanied by voices that feel very much inside my mind (as opposed to perceiving them as having come from outside).

Many people find these experiences extremely frightening, and seek help thinking that they are losing their minds, or just looking for any way to avoid having to experience anything that bizzare again. I've never personally found them frightening. From time to time they can be a wee unsettling, but that is due to the particular way in which these manifest with me. I've asked others their opinions on the matter, and I've never talked to anyone - even within occult circles - that gave these any spiritual weight. I'm still personally on the fence with some of my experiences. Others, though, I dismiss as nothing but a strange sleep-state experience.

I would be interested in hearing about hypnopompic & hypnogogic hallucinations that others may experience, and what they make of them. I'll tell you a little more about my own.

I get these probably about 1/5 of the year. They will come in flaps, happening nightly for 3 days to 2 weeks, and then disappear for a few months, only to reoccur. What makes them puzzling to me is that during the flap the hallucination will always be the same, although every flap has a different repeating event. It is this persistent repetition during the onset of these incidents that really sets me to wondering about them.

Sometimes I will awake to see an inhuman face right up next to mine, which will fade as I awaken to full consciousness. If I drew these faces for you, I'm sure you'd find them horrible - but I've rarely ever gotten a bad feeling from them; and the few times that I did it was more a mild state of anxiety related to knowing I knew why that face was there, but had lost that understanding as I awoke.

Other times I will awaken with a set of numbers running through my head which I know hold a deep importance, but that info will fade as I awaken. Sometimes it's not numbers but a phrase or word or name that I feel strongly is somehow very important or that needs to be communicated or remembered or applied in some way, but again, as I awaken it fades into nothingness.

Once or twice during such a flap after a few nights of a repeating message, I had made sure that I had a pen and paper bedside so that I could write down that info as I awaken. I managed to actually get it written down on one occasion, but when I read the message once fully awake it was utter nonesense.

There have also been times when these recurring experiences also happen at the same time each night. I will look over at the clock as I'm waking and see the same time as the night before. This time-stamping doesn't occur very often with these, but it has happened on more than one occasion.

I've often wondered if there was some significance to these repetitive occurrences. I certainly do have these experiences where it is a one-off; just one event, one night. The one-off appearances tend to be of the seeing a figure as I awake. Those tend to be more angelic looking and much smaller, as if off in some astral distance, rather than right up in my grill like the other ones that come during longer flaps.

As I said, I've never been frightened by these experiences as others have. Though most everyone I've told about them thinks it's creepy as hell! (My husband gets a shiver and cringes whenever I tell him I saw another face upon waking.) I guess from being very used to lucid dreaming, and other non-ordinary dream-states and states of consciousness in general has made me somewhat immune to the sense of frightening High Strangeness that many encounter when having one of these experiences.

I just recently heard of another one of these phenomenon that has been classified as a rare sleep disorder, which I've experienced at least a dozen times or so in my life. It's called Exploding Head Syndrome, and involves being awakened by a huge crash or bang, only to find that there was no external sound, that it had been "dreamed". In some cases, though much less often than the loud noise occurs, the sound of a voice yelling is what awakens the person. Again, people report being terrified by this. I've experienced both the loud crash, and the voice shouting.

I admit that once I actually did get up and check to see what the bang was, as it had sounded like someone pounding on my front door, and that was one of the first times that that particular phenomenon had happened to me. Another time, it sounded as though my grandfather yelled my name. I knew this was a dream-phenomenon, but I called him to make sure he was ok as I had never experienced the awakening as a voice that I recognized previously. The times I've heard the voice it's usually been a deep, male voice exclaiming "AH!" or "HA!" seemingly right in the room near me.

Both the hypnagogia and the Exploding Head Syndrome are said to occur more frequently during periods of sleep-deprivation or exhaustion. I can't say that I've ever made that kind of connection between tiredness and these experiences, so I don't know if that is true for me or not.

So, what do I think is going on? I think the Exploding Head Syndrome is just one of those things, like when you jerk yourself awake as you're drifting off. (I always seem to dream that I'm walking down stairs and miss one, with the fall jerking me awake as you get that sick "falling" feeling in the pit of your stomach.) I think many of the hypnagogia is likewise your dream-brain just not turning off fast enough as you emerge into wakefulness. But what of the repeat appearances of the same face, or the same numbers, or the same phrase over many nights? That seems very odd to me. But maybe I'm just reading too much into things.

In any case, these are just more of the strange things that I experience. I would love to hear other people's stories - ESPECIALLY if you've also had identical hallucinations occur over a period of several days or weeks. Theories as to what is going on are also welcome.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Famous New Orleans' Van Van Condition Formula! Amazing All-Purpose Cleansing & Protecting, Road-Opening & Luck-Drawing, and Overall Empowering Oil!

Van Van is one of the most popular hoodoo condition formulas out there. It has a long history of use in rootwork, but is especially associated with the New Orleans and Algiers areas of Louisiana where it first appeared.

This nearly all-purpose formula effectively provides spiritual cleansing and jinx-breaking, road-opening to new fortune and opportunity, protection against negativity, attracts money and business prosperity, brings good luck, as well as draws love all in one! It's also often used to powerfully feed mojo bags, and used to empower amulets, talismans, or other magical tools to keep them working strongly for their owner.

The oil can be used to dress candles, or can be worn as a personal power scent for any of the above uses. It can be added to cleaning solutions in order to cleanse and impart its empowering energies on the spiritual level as well as the physical. It can be added to nearly any magical working in order to enhance it's overall potency. There's nearly nothing that Van Van can't do!

The unmistakable clean, crisp scent of Van Van comes from the variety of asian grasses which make up the formula. Lemongrass is the central ingredient, a plant which brings great magical flexibility to the table.

Lemongrass is an excellent purifier of spiritual energies, which makes it great for general spiritual cleansing or jinx breaking and removal. It not only cleans up magical messes, but it also repels any incoming negativity, so it is useful in protection work and can be used daily to keep one's energies clean and clear throughout the day and during difficult interactions.

Astrologically, lemongrass is linked to Mercury, so you will see quick results when working with the Van Van formula. It will also help increase effective communication, so any act should go more smoothly, as there is less chance of their being any confusion or misunderstanding surrounding the intended outcome. Having a Mercurial silver-tongue also invokes a strong drawing energy, which can be focused onto whatever goals or attributes one is seeking to bring into their lives. Being focused and articulate, along with keeping a clear mind and avoiding distractions while displaying energetic magnetism goes a long way to greatly empowering a person and bringing quick success in any endeavor!

In the East, lemongrass is considered an aphrodisiac, and so Van Van can be used in love-drawing work as well. This is especially useful for men who wish to wear a love-drawing condition oil as a personal scent, but have difficulty finding a formula that is not based in feminine florals! Van Van's aroma is crisp and gender-neutral as far as fragrances go.

The other asian grasses used to round out the Van Van formula share a lot of qualities in common with lemongrass, but bring a bit of energetic subtlety and depth.

One of these plants is strongly connected to love work - yet has a much more rich, earthy quality of manifestation, rather than the more common "flowery" love and lust botanicals. This brings a bit of cthonic warmth to the base-end of the Van Van formula. This plant brings in an Earth-Venus energy into the mix, which encourages materialization of one's goals into the physical, while taking advantage of Venus' ability to draw any form of luxury...not just the of the amorous variety. This serves to amplify and add a bit of stability to the quicksilver attraction forces of Mercurial lemongrass.

Another of the plants of Van Van plays on the financial harmonic of Van Van, augmenting its ability to draw in fortune specifically of the monetary kind. It's also airy and light in tone, and imparts a great sense of optimism and of being simply untouchable by misfortune. This helps clear away, and keep away, any energies that may negatively affect our mind-set and outlook. The sunny disposition that results, makes the one who employs Van Van much more attractive to friends, as well as potential customers or lovers!

Van Van can pretty much do it all, which makes it an excellent choice for the frugal practitioner.

I've just finished handcrafting my latest batch of authentic New Orleans' Van Van Oil, and am very excited to offer not only a very high quality condition oil, but also an organic Van Van body wash, and Van Van bath crystals!

Any traditional hoodoo condition product worth its salt will contain real herbs and curios, and my Van Van products all contain organic dried lemongrass, with the oil and body wash also sporting real prosperity-drawing pyrite chips.

We're very excited to be offering our Organic Van Van Body Wash for the first time, as it allows you to CONVENIENTLY take full advantage of all the amazing benefits of Van Van DAILY in your own shower. Who wouldn't want to open the way for luck, power, and success each day while protecting the fortune they have already accumulated? Now you can make every wash a spiritually-cleansing and protective one with our 250mL bottle of organic Van Van body wash!

All of the Queen of Pentacles' Van Van condition products have been prayed over each step of the way, bringing in strong spiritual energies to create a very effective product. The final stage of preparation involves placing the products inside a triangular configuration of candles that have been dressed in Van Van, to allow the items to dwell within a space empowered with the appropriate energies and prayers, bringing them into very strong resonance with the formula's overall intent.

Upon acquiring your Queen of Pentacles' Van Van products, you need only add your own prayers or affirmations outlining your specific intents, in order to get the Van Van working towards your personal goals.

Experiment with adding the amazingly versatile magical energies of Van Van into your life and rituals today!