Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Wee Incommunicado of Late

Cat Internet Failure

I apologize for the lack of posts the past few weeks - I had more than a small handful of new articles planned and I really want to get to them. A lot of great stuff has been going on at the Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery the past little while, including the launch of my love condition oil line, a series of great spell kits for money-drawing, road-opening, happy home, courage and more, and other musings that I wanted to share. I promise that I will get around to writing about them.

Unfortunately I have been sans internet for the past 2 weeks and it looks like it will be another 1-2 weeks before we'll be reconnected here. Our internet provider had their servers knocked out by a big storm, and then were bought out and decided not to bother to fix their servers leaving all their customers in quite a lurch. So that was one week of the disconnectivity. We, of course, switched providers after researching other good options (the big ones here are all crooks, so we prefer smaller independent companies as you get better prices and better customer service - however you do deal with less-than-instant fixes when something goes wrong). That took another few days. Now it will be about a week before our new company is able to switch over our service.

So, I've been limited to about 30 minutes of access each day through my husband's work-based wireless in the evenings. I've been checking sales, and responding to inquiries from clients. So far there has not been a delay in the processing of orders, and I am still able to take on custom mojo bags and bottle spell creations. However, I have not been able to take on any in-depth readings/consultations and won't be able to until I have full internet access back. So I apologize for that. I have been recommending that those who would like a rootwork consultation or reading sooner rather than later contact Balthazar of Gnostic Conjure, who is just fabulous, and see about scheduling in one with him.

On top of that, my sweet dog has had a terrible allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. This happened once before, however his reaction was MUCH worse this time requiring hospitalization. Apparently we will now have to implement many new routines in order to protect him from this happening again. He'll have a new medication he'll need to take during the "bug-months", and he'll need to wear bug-repellent when he goes outside (I'll be making him a non-toxic one with essential oils mixed with Skin-So-Soft). We'll also be issued a epi-pen just in case.

For now, we're still nursing him back to health from this reaction. He had several biopsies taken of the lesions that cropped up on his skin, so he has stitches on several spots on his belly. He's on very heavy medication for the next week or so, and it has him very dopey and disoriented, so he needs to be watched carefully. He had been vomiting, but he seems to be able to keep chicken and rice down as of last night, which is good so he can recover some strength. He has had some accidents as the medication increases the frequency of urination, but because it makes him so out of it, it's hard for him to tell when he has to go - poor guy.

In any case, my husband and I are not having human children, so our little pup IS our son, and this has been very stressful for us. Not to mention the outrageous emergency veterinary costs. We're grateful they are available, of course, but when things are already somewhat tight, that bill doesn't make things any easier! So, the bulk of our attention and energy has been in caring for our fur-baby the past few days. He is recovering nicely, which we are happy about - though it will still be a few days before things are more normal.

That's my update. Hopefully by the end of next week everything will be back to the status quo, and I'll have some more articles and new product info for you!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your puppy. Sending good vibes your way.

  2. That cat's face made me laugh! I hope your pup is feeling better.