Friday, August 6, 2010

A Spiritual Church Rite for the Healing of the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Oil Spill of 2010

As you've probably noticed, I've been quite emotionally and spiritually affected by the crisis in the Gulf Coast. While the government and BP are saying that 75% of the oil that was spilled has been recovered (which I don't believe for a moment), the ramifications on the environment are going to be long-standing.

For one thing, all the oil that was evaporated using chemical dispersant...well, all that gunk and toxicity is going to come down again with the precipitation somewhere. It may not be in the Gulf area, but you can bet it's going to rain poison somewhere. A great many of the volunteers and workers in the area are developing a range of severe health problems, from lesions on their entire body, to bleeding in the respiratory system, all from coming into contact with the oil and with the dispersant chemicals. Of course the BP clinics are diagnosing them "scabies" and "staph infections" and other things that sound much less horrific than contamination from the substances involved in the spill.

And that's just the people who have limited contact. That's not the animals and fish and plants that have to live in that toxic brew of water now. Hundreds of endangered sea turtles have died from poisoning or from being burnt alive in the burn-off areas. Dolphins are turning up dead with massive internal bleeding, or with blow-holes clogged with oil. But we don't see those images on the news. We just get told that everything's fine now.

Well, it's not. And it won't be for a VERY long time. The consequences of this will be borne by future generations, as well as our own. Mother Earth and her innocent creatures of that live in and off of the sea are wailing. But don't worry. That cap just might hold permanently...while BP begins other drilling operations.

I posted a mantra sadhana to help heal the Gulf Coast a few weeks ago. I've been chanting it faithfully since then. I hope others have been as well - I got a good response from it.

Well, if mantras aren't really your thing, then I have something very special that I would like to share with all of you. It's a service that anyone can perform to aid in the healing of the Gulf, written by Miss cat yronwode of Lucky Mojo Curio Co and the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. If you are not of the Christian persuasion, you will see that it can easily be altered to include an appropriate deity or spirit and symbols that you are comfortable with.

I invite all those who maintain a spiritual practice - even if it's just a casual one - to undertake some form of spiritual healing ritual for the Gulf Coast. If you don't like this ritual, and you don't like mantras, then just pray from your heart, send some Reiki, channel some of your energy into that area of the world. Gather some likeminded friends together and make a party out of it!

I hope that many of you will participate.
My many thanks to Miss Cat for allowing us to distribute this rite.


A Spiritual Church Rite
for the Healing of the Gulf of Mexico
after the BP Oil Spill of 2010.

Create an altar for the place, the people, the animals, the plants.

Gather pictures, mementos, whatever helps you focus.

Now, here is where it goes counter to what you probably thought i would suggest. DO NOT USE CANDLES ON THIS ALTAR unless they are made from 100% beeswax. Do not use petroleum based candles on this altar! In fact, i would not use any candles at all.

Place clear glass bowls or glasses of water on the altar -- i was told by Spirit to use seven of them. Glass custard cups or wine glasses will do, as long as they are clean glass with no writing or pictures on them (cut glass is okay). If possible fill them with water from seven sources (spring, river, ocean, rain, well, lake, holy water), but if that is too daunting, use clean spring water and ocean water mixed together.

Set these seven bowls or glasses out in a rainbow arc on the altar. Into each bowl put a small crucifix, while speaking aloud a prayer for relief. The crucifixes may be small or large, as long as getting wet will not hurt them. Pray continually as you do this, and i recommend the 23rd Psalm, and call for help to Jesus Christ.

Pray at this altar for three days for your specific needs in regard to the Gulf waters, the animals, the plants, and the people of the region. On the third day, take the seven bowls or glasses to the ocean and, one by one, empty them in, keeping the crucifixes, symbolically cleansing the ocean, in the name of Jesus Christ, a fisherman, amen.

If you do not live near the Gulf, you may pour the bowls or glasses of water into any live stream of running water, but as you empty each one, first speak aloud your understanding that all waters run to the sea, and all the seas are one, then proceed to the removal of the crucifix, and your prayer for cleansing the ocean, in the name of Jesus Christ, a fisherman, amen.

The seven crucifixes may be gifted to seven friends with instructions for this rite, in the expectation that each of them acquire six more crucifixes and do the same, and thus spread the rite around the world, or the crucifixes may be given to those in need of spiritual help in this time of crisis.

Reverend catherine yronwode
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church

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