Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Unfortunately Popular Intranquility Spirit Spell

I’ve noticed a recent surge in interest over the past year or so in the Intranquility Spirit spell that is meant to return a lover. This is a spell that comes into hoodoo from the Mexican folk-magic tradition, and it’s really much more of a severe curse than a love spell as it calls up a Hell-bound soul to torment the target until they return. Yes, you read me right, this work centers on evoking a eternally damned soul and sending them after the person you allegedly love. You think that most people would shy away from calling up something as unclean, aggressive, and downright evil over a lovers spat – but you’d be wrong. Far too many people seem unabashedly eager to jump right into this one the moment they find themselves with a broken heart.

Now, I completely understand the very real agony of being heartbroken. I’ve been there many times myself, and it is a horrifically painful state of being that I hope I never have to experience again in this lifetime (or any lifetime, really). I have absolutely wished that the man who jilted me would feel the same pain that I did. However, when a ritual begins with “O, Intranquil Spirit, you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, hear me”, it’s enough to give me serious pause to consider what exactly I’m about to be messing with. Spirits that are willing to gleefully torture humans without compunction are not generally known for being the easiest beings to be in partnership with (even for experienced spiritual practitioners), so calling one up without even knowing the basics of how to deal with heavy work is extremely risky.

It always makes me shake my head when I hear that someone called up the Intranquil Spirit and is now feeling very strange and unpleasant energy within their own home, &/or is now obsessing over their ex with a rather frightening intensity. A quick question or two will soon show that they did not even take simple precautions such as cleansing and protecting themselves before, during, or after working with this spirit. Too often the person actually expresses surprise that the spell really was meant to call up a real spirit – they thought it was like playing pretend, or just using hellish imagery to get an energetic point across.

The Intranquil Spirit is not a metaphor. It’s not even a specific spirit. You are, more or less, just opening a door into the seedier back alley areas of the spirit-world blindly, and calling to whomever fits the profile of a spirit that is “in Hell…and will never reach Heaven”, and who wants the job of attaching itself to the target and spiritually assaulting them until a specific goal is achieved. You are, in reality, ordering a spiritual obsession, and in some cases this can even escalate into spats of possession if your target happens to be especially susceptible or pre-disposed to mental imbalance.

Victims of the Intranquil Spirit are harried day and night by a spiritual entity that does everything in its power to make them suffer – sleeplessness, depression, extremely irritability, surges of rage, panic attacks, severe headaches, onset of lingering illnesses, obsessive thoughts and impulses, an inability to eat, and violent outbursts are just some of the reported effects of this spirit. Any one of these can disrupt and eventually destroy the life of a well-balanced individual, and keep in mind that when maladies are spiritual in nature, medical treatments rarely are of any real aid. Now, consider inflicting someone who already may be struggling with emotional balance, and you can see that it is a recipe for disaster. Finally, take into consideration that you’ve tasked the Intranquil Spirit with linking this torment to thoughts of you. Ideally, the intent is for them to feel that they cannot have peace until they see or talk to the ex again, or in some cases get back together with the ex. However, causing someone to become mentally and emotionally unhinged and then directing them to your doorstep is a sketchy proposition, if you ask me.

There may also be other dangers to utilizing the Intranquil Spirit that have been lost with its rapidly growing popularity and importation into English-speaking countries that lack the full cultural background and lore related to the spirit. In the Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes, she mentions a folk-belief that if the Intranquil Spirit is successful in getting one’s lover to return, that this causes an exchange of fortune – where as reward for its work, the Intranquil Spirit is freed from its eternal torment, and the soul of the caster is then damned to become an Intranquil Spirit in its stead!

Interestingly, while that bit of lore may not be quite literal (though who can really say), it does highlight a common, but seemingly little known side-effect of working with the Intranquil Spirit – that the caster ends up being the one captured by the torments of the Intranquil Spirit, rather than their wandering lover. The forlorn and heart-broken party, who is already unbalanced from the emotional trauma of being left, is an extremely easy target for the Intranquil Spirit. Heck, the lion’s share of the work is already done! It only needs to pour salt into an already gaping wound. Finding that someone has become quite obsessive, irritable, anxious, and in all-ways unhealthy after having called upon the Intranquil Spirit is not all that surprising or rare an occurrence. Professional rootworkers adept at spirit work sometimes find themselves struggling to control the actions of this class of entity, so you can imagine what harm may befall a novice who buys some oil and candles from a botanica down the street.

In the Intranquil Spirit spell, the spirit is meant to leave the target alone once they contact the sender. As you can probably imagine trust-worthy dealings are not a strong-suit of the denizens of hell. Getting the Intranquil Spirit off of a target can be much more difficult than one may anticipate. It can be clever and switch tactics just enough to stay attached to the victim longer than originally intended, with the obsessive and unbalanced tendencies now being aimed at the newly rejoined partner, rather than in general. Insane jealousy and controlling behaviors may manifest that simply were never present in that person before. You can see how this could easily happen if a practitioner did not take measures to cleanse and protect their returned lover, which should be done as a reasonable precaution and re-establishment of spiritual cleanliness and balance after having been through an ordeal such as being afflicted by the Intranquil Spirit, whether or not the spirit is still around. But sometimes even that is not enough, and a professional must be brought in to do the heavy-lifting needed to release a particularly strong and tenacious spirit.
Which brings us to the aftermath. After having been successfully spiritually tortured and aggressively coerced into returning, you are in no way guaranteed a happy and successful relationship. In fact, though it may seem obvious, Cat Yronwode clearly states on her info page about the Intranquil Spirit (http://www.luckymojo.com/intranquility.html) that “if the person does come back, the two of you will not have the same kind of happy, innocent, loving relationship you did at the beginning”. Whatever issues drove you apart in the first place will still be present. If your partner simply fell out of love with you, returning under duress will not change that. Harsh resentments can quickly build up and break you up again. The Intranquility Spirit spell does nothing to actually mend the relationship or give it a better shot at working the second time around – in fact it often makes things more difficult, because one party has willfully tortured the other, and those scars (even when they are only subconsciously realized) are deep and slow to heal. Hard, practical work akin to what goes on in couples counseling on the mundane level will be needed, and of course a whole lot of healing will need to happen on both sides. Conjure can help support this, but your relationship’s foundation will have been severely compromised.

Now, there are plenty of professionals out there who will employ the Intranquil Spirit if it is shown to be justified in the eyes of God through divination. I can certainly imagine some scenarios – very few, mind you - where it may very well be appropriate. However, if you’ve been reading this blog and know my personal stance on aggressive coercion and on many targeted love cases, you can probably guess that I will not work with the Intranquil Spirit. If you have to resort to sending damned spirits after someone to get them to “love” you, you are much better off working to heal from the break and then draw a suitable partner into your life that will treat you right and love you like you deserve. Also, if you truly love someone, I can’t imagine a situation where I would willingly set an attack dog (and a poorly trained one at that) such as the Intranquil Spirit upon someone I cared about. But, to each his own.

Truthfully, I think most people who reach for the Intranquil Spirit have no idea the severity of what they are doing and what kinds of influences and risks they are opening themselves up to. If they did, I believe most would think twice. Even if you still were in the mindset of wanting to cause a ex-lover some pain so that they’d return, using the hoodoo condition formula Restless would have a similar effect, but without the unpredictable element of a hellish spirit enacting its twisted assault upon the person or collaterally upon yourself. Certainly, if you are inexperienced at spirit-work and evocation, you should steer clear of attempting to perform the Intranquil Spirit Spell yourself, and at least seek the advice and services of a professional rootworker or spiritual practitioner who is competent and skilled at handling this particular entity. That may have a secondary benefit of providing you with some effective alternative options for addressing your situation, which may indeed carry less risk and a higher rate of success.


  1. This was an excellent post, thank you for sharing!

  2. I just found your blog via a recommendation and I LOVE IT!

    Okay - on topic, I'm a professional shamanic practitioner this past decade, which in my case involves A Lot of psychopomp work (Greek for "escort of souls" - ie dead people, ie intranquil spirits among others) - this means I help fix haunted houses, and also do a lot of work just out in the world.

    Because of this, I hate to see dead people exploited, their options for spiritual redemption are severely limited, so I can totally believe someone used in this way would continue their "downward flow" and cause more mayhem, out of sheer spite and pain.

    Who ever is nice when we have a blinding headache, or just had some bad news? Triple that then add a million, plus hopelessness and envy, grief for the loved ones they'll never hold again, and confusion - and you'll see why they act so contrary!

    Remeber: this "intranquil spirit" was a person once, with people who loved them, work, a favourite kind of cookie and some sport they maybe liked - slaving them is NOT going to make them want to be automatically your willing helpmate.

    If therefore, someone was going to use this, why not at least try to find the spirit of someone who killed themself (or died) because they too were thwarted in love (tip: won't be hard to do, there's no shortage) and then ask them?

    And maybe make offering some prayer, or even doing some penance, on their behalf and for their benefit part of the deal?

    That way, 1. they'll not want to mess with you afterwards and 2. any negative repercussions are dealt with right away, because you're offering a win-win situation.

    Okay I admit I'm not crazy either about getting someone back this way, and I've had my share of heartbreak, but if someone is using this then they can still sweeten the deal and make it a better situation for all concerned, with no loss of power.

    My two cents (pennies actually, I live in England!) fwiw.

    I had planned to study more about rootworking & conjure and I am thrilled I found your blog when I did, ma'am - great stuff! ;)

  3. This is totally not my experience with the Intranquil Spirit (at least the particular spell you have mentioned,) and I've had the spell used on me by my an ex before (ie I was the target,) as well as have cast this spell numerous times without it turning out so grim. I know several people have had experiences similar to my own that were not nearly so dark, torturous, creepy or awful as you've stated here, as well, so it doesn't seem I'm an isolated case of having a different perspective. I'd be happy to relate my story, but wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes or sound like I'm contradicting anyone for the sake of contradicting anyone. I'd just like to say I respect your opinion on the matter but do not share it. It seems the topic is one that many people have strong opinions about.

    On an unrelated note... Nice blog - keep up the good work!

    ~Cat of Cat's Rants

  4. I think the biggest dangers are when novices are messing with this spell - they don't understand spiritual cleansing and protection, they don't understand how the spirit functions, or the actual nature of the spirit. This is a recipe for all kinds of trouble no matter what spirit your're talking about - let alone one know for being "hot".

    They also reach for it immediately upon being dumped, when often much softer and sweeter methods would have worked just as well. Talk about using a sledgehammer to do a ball peen hammer's job!

    Can people work this spell successfully? Sure. It's done all the time. Can the spell be extremely risky to the practitioner, as well as the target? Yes, it absolutely can.

    In my experience there are far more negative results than positive ones when using the Intranquility Spirit. I literally hear at least one story per week from people that have used it or are in the process of working the spell. Most of them are completely out of their depth. I just think people should understand the risks before calling up a spirit from hell and sicking it onto another person.

    Your mileage may vary. :)

  5. I am a victim of this spell. A man who wanted my affection did it to me more than once. He first did it to me, when he could not get my affection after pursuing me for 6 months.Since then he has been doing it whenever we broke up which happend quiet a few times as we are very different as individual and from very different back ground as well.But because of this spell, I always had to get back to him.Its been like this for 2 years now.

    This time when I broke up with him, we had a nasty fight and I told him that it's over for good. I was alright for a week or so and was even happy to be able to get rid of such a messy relationship. But after that it started again. Currently, I am going through the exact same situation you have mentioned here.It is literally like living in hell. Since this time I am determined not to go back, I am holding on. But every day the situation is getting worse. The obssessive feelings and agonising pain, which sometimes feel physical, is soo unnatural that it made me curious to find out the root of it and lead me to a whole different world, a world I was not even aware of. Please trust me when I say, every single word of the intranquaility spell has become reality for me.

    Since this is a whole new wolrd for me, I don't know where to go, what to do. All I want now is to get my life back, get some tranquility in my mind. I live in England, can I still buy your Tranquility oil? Even if I buy the oil, its going to take atleast 2 weeks to come to me. Is there anything else you could do in the mean time to help me? It seems like I can not live one more day with this agonising pain.

    Because of this agonising pain, although I was determined not to go back this time I had to give up and tried to contact him. I can only feel just a little bit normal when I talk to him (its just so unnatural!!) but he is, as usual, taking an upperhand and ignoring me totally, perhaps because he knows how powerless I am to his spell.Now I am not even sure what he wants as he is ignoring me totally. He had blocked me from his phone and does not reply to my emails.Perhaps he just wants to make me suffer.Its been two months since we broke up and I and now feeling I can't take it anymore! Please help me.

    I will wait for your response.

  6. Hi Anonymous - please contact me directly at queenofpentaclesconjure@gmail.com and we can absolutely discuss your case. You can absolutely get free from this!

  7. I agree, that spell is way too popular -- and a lot of people who cast it, even more unfortunately, wind up sabotaging the spell themselves by not comprehending how it works; they'll start casting it alongside other spells like St. Martha petitions and honey jars and purifications of the relationship where it all just cancels each other out, or else will fail to comprehend that the spirit is supposed to make the lover feel bad UNTIL he or she hears, sees, touches, smells or tastes the other again, will start/continue doing things like calling the target on the phone all the time, fulfilling the requirements to end the spirit's torment.
    And honestly, in my experience, even in cases where the Intranquility spell "worked" it didn't really work like the person wanted -- it either would do stuff like just make the target sick and crazy but still never come back, or else would come back for a very brief time before leaving again.
    Me, I'm willing to cast it if it doesn't seem totally pointless to do so, but its merits are nevertheless pretty slim.

  8. wow!...This blog is mind blowing im so glad i was able to find your blog im learning so much and i was thinking of doing this spell but now im thinking about it more then twice, though i do need help, i was going to cast this spell on the man i love and left me 10 months ago it seems like there is something not right i feel like he might had cast a spell on me as i seem like i cant live without this man, im not in peace i feel depressed,sad,torn and i just dont feel right that i cant be in peace for a second. Please ive been seeking help and having found it. Please if anyone can help me i would really need it.

  9. I googled love spells then found out about the spell called "SPELL FOR HIM TO CONSTANTLY THINK OF YOU" By me being unfamiliar with Intranquil Spirit I decided to Google it because I noticed the spell says "YOU THAT IN HELL ARE WANDERING" and I became very curious because I don't want to call upon the devil. I found. website before this one explaining that any spirit wandering may hear this and come to you need but the website also had a link that said the same spell I found. I am currently in route to the nearest candle shop to inquire in detail about this since the original spell I found called for a pink candle with angles and the same second spell I found called for a Intranquil Spirit candle.

  10. was gonna buy this spell kit tomorrow but this post scared me....quite a bit lol, thanks.