Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEW Fixed Money-Drawing Hotei Buddha Statues & How to Work with Fixed Statues

I've been wanting to make some fixed statues for a while now, however I wasn't having the best luck in finding an affordable supply of a statue that I found aesthetically pleasing, and that inspired me enough to want one on my own altar. I certainly don't want to sell something that I myself wouldn't want to use, so I waited until the time was right!

The moment I found these golden Hotei Money Buddha statues, I knew I had to have one for myself...and also grab an armload to take home and fix for my beloved clients!

These statues aren't hollow like many that you find, and were also not made of a material that lent itself to being carved into, so I had to get my hands dirty and get into my clay to fix these statues for money-drawing.


I did this work on a Friday, which is ruled by Venus who can grant luxuries as well as romance. Friday is also a traditional day to work money magic in hoodoo, due to its association with pay day! Thursday would be an alternative day for preparing these, as it is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of increase and abundance.

Firstly, the statues were sprayed down with Florida Water to cleanse them. I then prayed initial prayers over them, that they be fit and effective instruments to attract prosperity and financial well-being.

Next I worked some of my Queen of Pentacles Money-Drawing Herb Blend into the clay, while focusing on bringing the energy of abundance into the clay. I thought clay was a great medium for this, as it is nothing but pure Earth, which is the element of manifestation - and the whole idea of this statue is to be an aid to manifesting wealth.

I then spread the impregnated clay over the base of the statue, while visualizing the energy of the herbs and clay becoming one with the statue itself. The bit of glitter and pyrite grit that is in the Money-Drawing Herb Blend looked great, so I added a wee bit more just for the visual effect of it. I know that it will be underneath the statue and rarely seen, but it was important for me to make the whole thing pleasing. I topped off the clay with a sprinkle of Money-Drawing sachet powder just for kicks.

I then dressed the statue in Money and Prosperity oil, spending time running the statue through my hands, rubbing in the oil and feeling the statue grow warm. When that was finished, I just sat with the statue close to my face, and allowed my breath to flow into the clay and the statue as a whole. I began to pray, and allowed the energy and vibration of the prayer to fill me and run into the statue. I then sealed it by making the sign of the cross over it.

As soon as the clay was dry, it was coated with rubber glue, and the statues put through the final stage of fixing - being passed through money-drawing incense, fed with Hoyt's Cologne, and placed in the center of a triangle of 3 dressed money-drawing candles, while prayers for the awakening and strengthening of it's money-drawing ability were offered.

Now they are ready to find their new home on a new prosperity altar, and start drawing prosperity to their new work partner!

I have 3 of these statues made (one is for me, though), and I have supplies to make about 10 more after that. But then they are gone! So if you are interested in purchasing one of these little guys, please visit my Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery Etsy Store to secure yours! Each statue will come with instructions for use, a sheet of parchment paper for any petitions that you may wish to place underneath it, and a small bottle of money-drawing condition oil for you to get started with.


Well, like anything else that is linked symbolically, and then spiritually prepared to resonate with a particular intent, fixed statues can a permanent altar item that becomes home to a powerful spiritual presence. As with conjure items that are considered "alive", such as mojo bags, and lodestones, fixed statues must be worked with and fed to keep them working strongly for your goals.

Since this statue depicts the joyful Hotei Buddha surrounded by coins, praying for the blessings of Hotei would be ideal. Traditional offerings made to lucky spirits in the Asian traditions include incense and citrus fruits, which are fairly easy for most people to get their hands on. If you have an Asian marketplace near you, you can get large boxes of traditional Buddhist incense (which has a very unique and delicate fragrance) fairly inexpensively. Offering a stick of this each day while you speak your petition to the statue, would be a great way to start building a rapport with it.

You will also want to feed your statue once a week - the citrus would be a nice gesture, as would anointing the statue with a money-drawing condition oil, or a few drops of Hoyt's cologne. This will help keep the spirit happy and working strongly for you.

As with other magical items that you work with for specific ends, you can write a petition paper and place it underneath the statue while you pray and perform your other rituals for its manifestation. You can place fixed candles for your petition adjacent to the statue, to bring all the energies into harmony and working towards the same goal.

Once your statue is a well-established working member of your prosperity altar, why not rub Buddha's belly on your way out the door in order to dress your hands with some of his money-drawing power!

This just shows a few ways that you can work with my Fixed Money-Drawing Buddha statues!

All kinds of statues can be fixed to work for your needs - saint statues are very popular for working in this manner. I sometimes create a small herb packet to attach to the back of a framed icon or image, in order to fix the picture. The way in which you relate to each fixed statue or image depends on what it has been fixed for - and is limited only by your imagination.

A great practice is to communicate with the spirit of your fixed item - you can do this through divination with a pendulum or other method you are skilled at. In this way, you can find out exactly what offerings it would like, and how to work with it's unique personality to bring the best results to your conjure!

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