Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trad. Folk Magic Fest 2011 - The Marie Laveau Messages

So in my last post I told about the game of Exquisite Corpse we played as part of the Voodoo ritual calling upon Marie Laveau for a message to us. Good timing being what it is, today the document was posted online through Conjure Crossroads' Facebook page, and I have reprinted it for you. It really is beautiful. I hope you enjoy it!

Through this misguided world, I wish I could speak so you could hear-the running water of the Mississippi River- where I give you my heart, Breath and soul- a Soul without cause is never rejoined.

Voodoo Queen we ask you for guidance for the yes. Yes to the power of the spirit within a glow flickering deep in the heart-something that brings out the spent personification of ourselves- yet often does not appear to ourselves as it does to others. They wander and wonder why the earth trembles and the waters flowed, why from her hair rose great birds that cried out the joyous sound of her name,
“I did time, unlike most people my age, unlike most who lived in my time”

Yourself -is the vessel, lifting you skyward like a dust. Surrender yourself! Give soul to soul, ashes to ashes, dust to soul –become the one.
“Listen, as the bayou sings, my child, Remember to always listen while running in the moonlight so fast--- Unbelievable… ‘

The moss on the crypts add grave beauty to wisdom which comes with the Gators – plentiful in New Orleans where two people met and became one.
Ills are not something that is here in the bayou.
"Oh, What the world has come to …”

New Orleans, the Spirit of Marie lives within love. Love unites us all conquers all fears, soothes all hurts and cures all---------.
Be focused – Right is strong & belly full, proud!

If SHE could see, she would still stay in the old ways, with the ports and the ships trade that carried those goods for trade, bringing people and culture together with the beauty of the bayou in the air and felt beneath feet,
“I too danced around the oak tree “.

SHE fears- her worlds fly.
“The cock will crow. Crow spirit brings us to realms of death where our beloved beckon us to share joy with them once more, “
She said and a mist rose to cover all around.

Spirits rose and formed whole again. Yet there is something. – slipping again- a masked face in a dark room you don’t know.
“Who is that I became?

It was not for me to say- it was something that could happen only in a place like this.

Why already she has seen 4 signs from her friend that had recently passed but had not yet contacted her.

She IS of the earth, core, center and will come to the meeting of the sun and moon where she like a dark lover, slipped into his embrace of a world that changed.

SHE : The gators speak of Guneia. The Power of change is within all of you. Trust yourselves, you are the land and the moss on the trees traveling in me.
“Retire, then to the Quarter and enjoy decadence with all seen and unseen.”

US: With your visions and your presense we honor and respect you and look forward to your messages.

SHE: Messages travel through the streets on a wild writhing horse- frothing and riding through the city- riding the unbridled pulse of the city, delivering blessings from its foaming mouth, like the witness of creation

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