Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Easy Trick for Helping a Home Get a High Appraisal

In order to pull off some financial maneuvering, my husband and I decided to refinance our mortgage. In order to do this, the bank wanted to have our home appraised. We just moved in 3 years ago, and put a lot of work into it, but it is still a rather small home in a neighborhood that is just now starting to gain some steam. We were unsure if we could pull off getting the house appraised for a good chunk more that it was just after we moved in, since they did take our (at the time) proposed renovations into consideration back then.

I had little notice to prepare, as our mortgage broker thought that perhaps since it had been appraised fairly recently we wouldn't be required to have it appraised again. But we did. We were scheduled an appraisal visit in 3 days time. My husband took some time to see what similarly sized houses were selling for currently, and he was worried to see that most were going for less than we were hoping to be appraised at (the housing market here in Canada did not take the hit that it did in the US, so the house prices are a very good indication of their actual worth here still).

Now, we did a lot of physical work to prepare for this - it was our Spring Cleaning time anyway, so we had just unloaded a good deal of junk, and re-organized lots of stuff and found it new homes on shelves or in neat storage bins. However, I backed up the mundane work with some spiritual work as well to ensure that everything would be set up for the most positive result possible from the appraisal. You always want to work on both levels for the best results.

Once we had done all the normal de-clutter and organization and dusting and such, I went through the entire home with my steam-mop loaded with my Queen of Pentacles' Van Van Oil and a drizzle of Florida Water mixed in with the water reservoir. This makes for a fantastic floor wash that spiritually cleanses, as well as opens the way for good fortune! All the floors got a great steaming with this mixture, and I wet a rag with it as well and wiped the baseboards and the door frames. That alone made the house feel amazingly light and bright!

The next day, which by this time was the day of the appraisal, I took my incense brazier and mixed together some frankincense tears with Wealthy Way incense powder, and Fast Luck incense powder. I walked with that mixture smoking around my entire property, calling and praying for my property to be seen as beautiful and valuable and for it to be appraised at $X (the amount we were gunning for). I prayed for the appraiser to feel the positive and divine energy, and recognize the full worth of the home, appraising it at $X.

Money-Magic Tip: One of my personal secrets for money-related magic is having a specific amount in mind when petitioning for money. This gives a concrete goal which the spirits can work accurately for, rather than guessing at what might do you just fine. What you might need and what you might want can often be two different things - so be specific about what you are expecting to get so that it can manifest properly!

This day I also had several appointments about town, so I was unable to be at home to do more complex work. However, I wouldn't have wanted the home to be full of smokey incense when he got there either, so it was good to let the smoke disperse and set into a very subtle energy and fragrance. I did want a pleasant and gently noticeable magical scent in the air when the appraiser first walked in the door, though, so I knew I would set up some more conjure right before he came.

I did get home from my errands about an hour before the appraiser was to arrive, and I put a mixture of Wealthy Way oil and Look Me Over oil into an oil diffuser (the kind you put a candle into and it steams the water and oil into the air for a delightful fragrance). These kinds of diffusers are a great way to deploy magical oils throughout an entire large area if you do not have incense, or do not want smoke hanging around for any reason, or otherwise getting people into contact with the magical dressing is not possible. Can't dress them? Dress the air itself! I prayed once again for our home to scream out it's value as $X to the appraiser.

Sales-Magic Tip: When you are trying to sell something, whether it be an item, a property, or yourself (in a business sense), try adding a love oil to your mix of magical products. This helps garner positive attention and attracts people while instilling amourous opinions in them about the item in question! They'll simply LOVE what you're selling.

About 10 minutes before he arrived, I took a spritzer bottle that I had loaded with Florida Water into which I had dissolved a blend of money oils (I usually use this to cleanse my prosperity altar, and also boost its energy in-between formal workings keeping its money-drawing resonance high and the energy clean and clear for manifestation) and spritzed it in between the screen door and our wooden front door. I also spritzed it all over the entire door frame and front step into the house, as well as the small rug immediately inside the door. Of course I was still praying for the $X amount to be appraised.

By the time he got there, the air was sweetly scented and charged, and he walked right through a heavily fixed doorway and stepped onto a fixed rug. He constantly seems pleased and surprised as he walked from room to room asking questions about the house and our work on it. He made several comments about our home being very good looking and in great shape. The whole time he seemed to be seeing things he really hadn't been expecting to, and to be pleasantly happy with things.

The appraisal took all of 10 minutes, and we had done all that we could have on the physical level as well as the spiritual. Now it was just a 48 hour waiting game to hear back from the bank about the results.

Today we got word that we'd gotten appraised for the exact amount that we had been gunning for, which is definitely a bit higher than most equivalent homes in our area! So I will count this as a very successful working, and though I would share what I had done with my readers here.

The methods that I used were very simple and straightforward, and could be adapted for use in a myriad of different situations. Just think of using the same floor-wash and oil diffusing methods in a retail store-front to draw customer, or by using differen washes and oil you could dress your home for peace and tranquility! The possibilities are endless!

Happy Hoodooin' to ya!

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