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Cast Off Bedeviling Bad Habits & Behavior Patterns with Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Formula

Every one of can probably think of 3 bad habits or behaviour patterns that we engage in that is detrimental to our lives in one way or another. Whether it’s something like smoking, or drinking too often, or whether it’s allowing ourselves to indulge the company of people who are a negative influence on us in some way. In each of these situations, our deep thoughts are often a big part of the problem. We may have certain perceptions that are not accurate and lead us into destructive behaviours. Habit run deep and can be hard to kick for a variety of reasons.

There are all different ways that we can approach the situation when we decide we want to change. Some will manage to just cold-turkey their way through. Others will need the help of supportive friends and family, especially through the process of cutting ties with people and places that are part of the problem. Getting healthy physically, through mind-body practices such as yoga and tai chi can go a long way to helping our whole Being to follow through on our convictions. Hypnotherapy can also be a huge help in communicating directly with the subconscious where most of the pattern-roots are located, and dealing with the issue head on, and allowing the change to manifest from the inside out. In the cases of addictions of any kind, getting with a good nutritionist or naturopath can also really complement your journey, as you will learn how to nourish your body on all levels, so that it will no longer crave what it harmful to it in an attempt at self-medication.

Taking the bull by the horns and applying magical pressure, along with supporting and reinforcing your efforts on the spiritual level can really increase your chances of making real and lasting changes for the better. Or, you may know someone who is making a good deal of bad choices in their life. Sending the magical means to step clear of the problem, can many times help the person come to the realization that they would be better off without those negative influences in their life.

There are hoodoo condition formulas for just these circumstances! Queen of Pentacles’ Get Thee Behind Me! is one such formula. The scent is invigorating, and crisp, featuring eucalyptus as one of the key aromas in this blend. As with all of our condition products, the Get Thee Behind Me! line is crafted prayerfully every step of the way.

Get Thee Behind Me! is crafted from a blend of pure essential oils that work on several different angles related to breaking free from self-harm in its many forms. Each bottle of spray and oil is authentically fixed with dried organic eucalyptus and/or lemongrass.

The essential oils and herbs in Get Thee Behind Me! work to:

· cleanse you of negativity

· help you cut ties to negative people and influences

· give you the strength to cast off bad habits

· release you from destructive or defeatist negative thought patterns

· bestow the ability to make more wise decisions moving forward

· provide you with a good layer of spiritual protection

Here is a very simple spell that you can perform to help rid yourself of a bad habit using Queen of Pentacles’ Get Thee Behind Me! condition products.

You will need the following supplies:

· Get Thee Behind Me! condition oil

· Get Thee Behind Me! bath crystals

· Get Thee Behind Me! condition spray

· 2 tea light candles

· An empty bottle or travel mug (for collecting and disposing of ritual bathwater)

· Oil diffuser (optional)

You may wish to begin your habit-ridding hoodoo by repeating these baths for 3 days running, or if the habit is more troublesome or long-standing, for 7, 9, or 13 days in a row. This provides you with a very deep cleansing effect that will have more potency for stubborn habits and patterns. After your initial assault, you can then repeat the baths whenever you feel you need extra support, or extra cleansing.

If you are unsure how many days you should bathe for at the outset of the ritual, a divination can provide you with the number that is most right for your individual case. If you cannot read for yourself, you can contact a professional rootworker to read on your behalf. Such services are offered here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery for those who may wish them.

Begin by preparing to take a cleansing bath. Perform this before sunrise.

1. Run the bath, and add the Get Thee Behind Me! Bath Crystals. Pray as you mix the bath salts into the water, communicating your intent for the bath to help free you from your habit.

2. If you wish, you can add a few drops of the Get Thee Behind Me! Oil to the oil diffuser and get it going in the bathroom.

3. Dress the tea lights with Get Thee Behind Me! Oil, while praying that you to be freed of your bad habit forever. Put one on each side of the tub, and light it prayerfully.

4. Disrobe and steel your resolve to be free of your habit/influence. Step through the two lit candles, into the holy space of the bath.

5. As you bathe, imagine all the negativity attached to the habit being washed away. Make sure to bathe yourself in downwards motions – starting up at the head, and stroking downwards. Pray or say any affirmations that you feel resonate with your cause.

6. When you feel you are clean, collect a bit of your bathwater. Put it off to the side and allow the water to drain, knowing that your habit is being washed away.

7. Step back through the candles, feeling yourself uplifted and your resolve strengthened.

8. Allow yourself to air dry!

9. You may wish to anoint your self with the Get Thee Behind Me! Oil (with new oils, always do a patch test to check for any unexpected skin irritations or allergies). A little on the soles of your feet, and your pulse points or other power points you intuitively feel could use being covered with the oil.

10. When you are dry, dress in clean clothes, and take the cup of your dirty bathwater to the nearest crossroads. Throw the water over your left shoulder towards the West. Know that all the past negativity will be scattered to the winds and carried far, far away from you!

11. Walk home without looking back.

12. Take the 4oz bottle of Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Spray with you in your purse, briefcase, backpack, your car, etc. Whenever you feel tempted to indulge in your habit, or in any way feel weak or find yourself thinking about the habit, say a prayer asking for strength and spray the Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Spray all around your body. This will help cleanse your energy of the temptation and help disrupt and still the thought-patterns that accompany the action. It will also provide you with wisdom, strength, and protection to help keep you moving forward in a positive manner.

This is just one basic way in which Get Thee Behind Me! may be employed to great effect. There are many more conjures that can be concocted to meet your individual needs and circumstances, so feel free to be creative.

The Get Thee Behind Me! Oil can be used to dress candles burned for extra support, to feed mojo bags crafted to help you leave behind the unhealthy habits and people, to anoint doll babies prepared for a loved one that needs magical aid in getting free of negativity, it can be used to dress related herb blends in order to increase its overall potency, and more.

The Get Thee Behind Me! Condition Spray can be used on yourself, in a room or space that normally holds challenges for you, or over a working altar where you are performing “cast off” conjure for you or a loved on. It also can be used to feed mojo bags.

The Get Thee Behind Me! Bath Salts can be used for creating ritual baths, added to the rinse cycle of the laundry in order to cleanse and dress clothes with its spiritual properties, or added to mop-water or other cleansing fluid and used to clean and wipe down your home or work area bringing the magical effect of the formula to many different areas of your life.

If you need some help formulating a game-plan to meet your specific situation, or would feel best having such work performed by someone else on your behalf, you may always seek a consultation with a spiritual practitioner, such as the ones we offer here at Queen of Pentacles Conjure.

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