Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Put Some Heat on that Mojo!

I have an affinity with Fire, and so I incorporate candles into nearly all my works whenever possible. I like the energy it brings to things, and to me it seems as though it starts and fuels a current which the rest of the work can ride on. So I like to keep a glass-encased vigil light burning continuously when doing any other spell work on a matter.

Because I've had such good results using this method of "keeping heat on it" as some workers would say, I thought I would present a short process for creating a potent love-drawing mojo bag.

You could take this piece and add it to a more complex working, if you wished.

What you'll need:

* red flannel mojo bag

* Queen of Pentacles' Love-Drawing Herbs, or appropriate love herbs of your choosing

* love-drawing condition oil appropriate to your petition (for example, are you drawing lusty passion, or long-term romantic love - that will determine what oil is best, if you are unsure book a consultation at Queen of Pentacles, or with your own trusted worker)

* Love-Drawing Incense, or mix some of the love herbs with some frankincense resin to burn as incense

* small lodestone and some lodestone food

* small square of parchment paper

- OR -

* Queen of Pentacles Love-Drawing Mojo Bag Kit which includes the herbs, the mojo bag, the lodestone and lodestone food, and small bottle of love-drawing condition oil


* red ink pen

* copy of the Song of Songs, or other love poetry (optional)

* glass-envased vigil candle - red for passion or pink for romance

* a nail or other sharp object to inscribe the candle with

* Florida Water, salt water, or other spiritual cleansing agent

* whiskey

* personal concerns (hair, fingernails, etc)

Now to the work:

1) Start by cleaning & blessing all your supplies - wipe down the candle, your inscribing tool, and the mojo bag with Florida Water or salt water. As you are doing this pray over them or otherwise state your intent for them to be cleansed and blessed to your love work, in whatever way is comfortable for you. If you have not purchased an herbal blend from Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop & Village Witchery, or other reliable botanica or candle shop (in other words, if you are unsure if they have been prayed over or otherwise empowered), then pray over them as well.

2) Light some Love-Drawing Incense, or burn some of the Love-Drawing Herbs or your own herb mixture with some frankincense resin.

3) Take your lodestone and bathe it in some whiskey. As you do so, talk to the spirit of the lodestone telling you that you are bathing it to make it clean and blessed. Pat dry.

4) Annoint the lodestone with some of your love-drawing oil and sprinkle some lodestone food onto it, while talking to the spirit of the lodestone telling it that you are feeding it so it can use it's magnetic powers to draw love to you. Place the lodestone in the red flannel mojo bag.

5) Take your Love-Drawing Herbs and put a portion into the mojo bag. As you do this, speak to the spirit of the love herbs telling them to help draw love into your life (if you have a specific petition, like a particular person you are drawing, or you want to draw an unnamed partner with specific qualities, then state that.) If you are using your own blend of love herbs, dress them with some of your love-drawing oil while stating your petition, and then add them to the bag.

6) Next, inscribe your name and symbols of your petition into the top of the vigil candle. You can use whatever words or symbols that strongly represent love-drawing and your specific petition for love. As you are inscribing the candle, pray or speak your intent over it. Allow the emotion of your words to ride your breath and flow down your arms and into the candle as you inscribe.

7) Dress the candle with a few drops of the love-drawing condition oil, and as you rub that oil on the candle, repeat the process of letting your emotions flow through the breath of your prayer, down into the candle.

8) Finish fixing the candle by sprinkling some of the Love-Drawing Herbs, or your own love-drawing herb mixture onto the top of the candle. Then knock the candle on the table 3 times to seal it.

9) Take the red ink pen and write your petition on the parchment paper square. Include your name, and a clear and concise statement of your intent. Draw love symbols, like a heart, on each corner of the paper. As you write and draw, again let your emotion flow through your breath, through the pen and down into the paper impregnating it with your desire. Complete the paper by making a 5-spot pattern (the 4 corners and the center) with some of the love-drawing condition oil.

10) Place the open mojo bag at the base of the candle, and place your petition paper underneath the candle.

11) Light the candle to set it working. Let it burn continuously until it burns out.

12) Each day light some of the incense or herb & frankincense mixture, and spend some at your altar reciting the Song of Songs, or other love poetry that is meaningful to you, or otherwise concentrating or praying on your intent.

13) Once the candle burns out 5-7 days later, take the petition paper and place it in the mojo bag.

14) Pass the mojo bag through the smoke of the love-drawing incense, or herb & frankincense mixture.

15) Pray over or otherwise speak to the spirit of the mojo bag and re-affirm its job to draw love to you and fulfill your petition.

16) Tie the mojo bag shut and feed it with a few drops of the love-drawing oil.

The ritual work is done!

Now you will want to keep this mojo on your person either at all times, or else whenever you may be in a situation where you could meet new people. Make sure that no one sees it, and DON'T LET ANYONE TOUCH YOUR MOJO - this kills it!!!

Once a week, on a Friday is good because it is associated with Venus, feed your mojo bag a few more drops of the love-oil, and re-affirm your petition. You must remember to feed the mojo to keep it working strong. Don't starve it, or it won't work very well, and will eventually stop working altogether.

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