Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making a Simple Amparo

This is one of my favorite and simple forms of protection that I've been taught. I learned this from a Mexican folk Catholic curanderismo source, though I have since heard and read other workers mention this including the late E. Bryant Holman, the fantastic Momma Starr Casas, and others.

It is called an amparo in the Latin American traditions.

It's infinitely simple to make and use, and I always love hearing from those who tried this technique and just were wowed by the effectiveness.

I did want to make one note to the video here, and that in the clip I list 3 herbs that one can use in an amparo. You can use whatever protection herbs you feel are appropriate for your work. I usually use a blend of 7 herbs that are dressed with Fiery Wall of Protection in the amparos that I make and use. You don't have to use 7, you could use none, or 1, or 3, or whatever spirit leads you to use.

With that said - enjoy!


  1. Nice post, Devi! I've really been enjoying the videos so far.

    After watching this video, I was wondering what your thoughts are about the possibility of doing one of these, but instead using, for example, a pagan deity associated with protection?

  2. Really enjoyed the video. I will definitely use this method to make Amparo cards for me and my family.

    Also, liked the background music. Very relaxing and Native American sounding.

    Please make more videos!

  3. Thank you so much for teaching people like me how to protect themselves. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much!