Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayer to Papa Legba for Haiti

"Papa Legba, Antibon, Father of a Nacion du 'Ayti
The roads are covered Papa, the paths a blocked
Only you, Papa can clear the road. Lend your hand Papa,
Lend your hand to those whose hands toil for the preservation of your land
Lend your hand to those who are desolate and are lost
Lend your hand to those who are far from their Spiritual home
Lend your hand to 'Ayiti, and to all those who are of 'Ayiti that the roads and paths may be soon cleared
That a new day may come in 'Ayiti
Let it be known that it comes from God, through your hand Papa
Hear the cry of the children of Ginen and Lend your hand
Nou tout sen yo - we are all one
Ayibobo! Ayibobo! Papa Legba Antibon, Legba vye, Ayibobo!"

Courtesy of H'ougan Liam

Please spend a few moments praying over a candle for comfort and aid to all those who are suffering in Haiti.

Asking for Papa Legba to open the way would also be powerful, especially due to the strong presence of the Lwa in Haiti. Anyone can petition Papa Legba, you do not need to be a Vodouissant. The prayer above is a beautiful one to use. Just make a cross (+) in water on the ground, put a candle in the center, and then light it with prayer. Atibon Legba will hear you.

If you are Catholic, pray to St. Peter for him to open the way for aid to make it to those who need it - Haiti is primarily a Catholic nation, and so the intercession of a saint would be very appropraite. St. Peter is also syncretized with Papa Legba in Haitian Vodou, so the prayer would touch both spiritual currents.

Of course
any prayers and healing energy that one can comfortably provide are all desperately needed there right now - so take a few moments to lend a spiritual hand to the crisis.

If you are able, consider making a financial donation to any one of the charitable organizations that are contributing to the relief efforts there.

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